SONA noon, SONA ngayon

Last week, President Noynoy* Aquino delivered his 2011 State of the Nation Address (SONA) in Filipino (or Tagalog, if you prefer). I made a word cloud (a.k.a. wordle) of the speech (full transcript here):


SONA 2011 Word Cloud

The word cloud shows the most frequently used words in the speech, after removing commonly-used Filipino words (including “ang”, “sa”, “at”, etc.). Intuitively, words that were used more frequently appear larger. In the 2011 speech, there seemed to be an emphasis on “pilipino” and “wang-wang”.

I thought it would be interesting to compare this with the President’s SONA from a year ago (full transcript here). Here is the word cloud for the 2010 SONA:


SONA 2010 Word Cloud

Compared to the 2011 SONA, there seems to be more of an emphasis on money here, with “pesos” and “pondo” being the two most frequently-used words. Also, it looks like the use of the word “taumbayan” was replaced by the word “pilipino” in the more recent speech— a welcome change.

Of course, nothing beats a close listening and reading of the speeches (and checking the facts behind them), but visualizing the speeches this way makes certain things pop out— literally.

What other patterns do you see? Which speech did you like better?


*Yes, we Filipinos call our presidents by their nicknames. That’s just the way we roll… 😉