Rise of the SM Supermalls [VIDEO]

Watch the rise of SM Supermalls over the country:

There will be 47 malls by the end of the year– and 7 more are planned for over the next few years.

We see that most of them are clustered around Metro Manila and its “suburbs”. So, I also made this zoomed-in version (added 09/05):

There are only 7 malls outside Luzon, with two more set to open soon. SM Lanang Premiere in Davao City is under construction and SM Seaside City Cebu– which will have a (slightly) bigger floor area than SM Mall of Asia– is expected to open in 2014.

As of 2012, the total floor area of SM supermalls add up to around 5.5 sq. km– large enough to cover most of the City of San Juan, Metro Manila! For better or for worse, SM malls have made an imprint in the country’s geography– and its culture.

For an interesting comparison, watch the growth of Walmart over the U.S.



(Source of all data and information: Wikipedia, so take with a grain of salt.)