Wealth & Health of Philippine Provinces [INTERACTIVE CHART]

Last month, I posted graphics for a Gapminder-type Map of the Philippines. It was clear that an interactive version would make it easier to explore the data. Since then, I’ve picked up some d3js code to do precisely that. Here is the result:

click to see interactive version

Wealth and health of Philippine provinces. Click to view the interactive version.

Click to view the interactive version.*

This chart shows the wealth and health of the 80 provinces of the Philippines, plus Metro Manila. Each province is represented by a bubble, whose size is proportional to its population. Average life expectancy in 2010 is used as a proxy for health, and the provincial LGU income per capita in 2011 is
used as a proxy for wealth.

To find your province, mouse over the region name on the right. You can also mouse over any bubble to identify the province and reveal related statistics.

Take note of the differences from region-to-region and from province-to-province. The horizontal and vertical lines mark national averages: life expectancy of 70.7 years (horizontal line), and provincial LGU income per capita of PhP 2,041 (vertical line). Note also that the (horizontal) income axis is logarithmic.

Data sources: National Statistics Office (NSO) for the population and life expectancy data, and Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) for the LGU income data. The data and source code for the visualization are publicly available via GitHub.

Attributions: Chart concept from Hans Rosling and the Gapminder Foundation‘s world map.
Chart design from Mike Bostock’s d3 version.

*Unfortunately, I cannot embed it here on WordPress; I’m hosting it on dropbox for now, until it finds a more permanent home.


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