A Song For Friday: “Pinoy This Way”, by Mikey Bustos

Sung to the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”, and true to the original’s spirit: “Today we’re celebrating/Being a Pinoy this way!”

“Pinoy This Way”, by Mikey Bustos

It doesn’t matter if you’re Pinay or if you’re P-I-N-O-Y.
Just point with your lips, pare
’cause we’re Pinoy this way, baby.
Use your eyes… If it was snake it bit you already!

My Mama scolded me when I was young, when I said I hated school.
She said “You know the land where we come from,
every class is always full.”
Because in Philippines education is never taken for granted,
no it’s not, along with food, work, and medication,
we know they all come from God.

Back home, a land far away,
Where we work hard every day,
It makes us grateful, baby
We’re Pinoy this way
Where you will need pamaypay
As temperature rises high
You have not lived ’til you live like a Pinoy this way.

Nothing ever goes to waste,
Appreciate, don’t throw away
Baby, we’re Pinoy this way!

Say my prayers everyday,
Bless to all the elderly,
We always say “po” cuz
We’re Pinoy this way.


(Emphasis mine. Lyrics lifted from the full version here.)

Meet Mikey Bustos, a 30-year old Fil-Canadian with an angelic voice, which took him to the Top 10 of 2003’s Canadian Idol. He turns out to be quite a comedian too, and an amazing YouTube video-cranking machine. His Pinoy tutorials are a must-see!

I, for one, can’t get enough. Thank you, Mikey, for sharing the Filipino experience with the world, with humor, intelligence, honesty, and pride. Keep ’em coming!

(Update: Found Lady Gaga’s “country-style” version of the song, arguably more beautiful and powerful than the (electro-synthetic) original: “Born This Way” (The Country Road Version). “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen”— and sing along!).


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3 Comments on “A Song For Friday: “Pinoy This Way”, by Mikey Bustos”

  1. wecantalk says:

    Wow. that is so great. that really up rises how proud we are to be a filipino. sana mas marami pang gantong videos and songs. entertaining and nationalistic too.

  2. Jolly says:

    nakakatawa ka kuya hahaha.. are u from ilocos? coz’ u said ilokano is ur roots..

  3. flirtilizer says:

    haha funny video 🙂 Looks like he made a bunch of them. Guess I’ll go subscribe to his Utube. 🙂

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